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Google Analytics Certification Recently, I passed my Google Analytics Certification exam. So I thought to write a blog post to give an idea as to “How it works”. If you preparing for Google Adwords certification please visit my Blog in context to Google... read more

Owner Vacation

Owner vacation: The entire concept explained  Owner vacation is a broad application of a practice known as fractional ownership. Here you must understand several unrelated group of individuals share the ownership of an asset which of really high value. These assets... read more

Discover Travel: Tips and Tricks

How to find Discount Travel packages: Tips and Tricks Getting a Discount Travel package is really a very good idea if you are someone who wants to visit faraway places. This is especially true if you want to get the most of what you are spending. So, yes, discount... read more


Timeshares usually refer to properties which follow a particular kind of ownership policy. These properties are often well constructed resorts as well as condos and different groups of people have their share of the property at a particular period of time. The shared... read more

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– Finlay Simpson, Waltham Cross, England, UK.

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